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My father Livio set the course for great winemaking that I believe is a craft passing on from generation to generation. For me and my wife Sabina values and traditions are the shared passion for our job and we have a great respect for the foundations put in place by our foreheads. We are staying true to our roots and are not swayed by trends.

Sebastian Senior and Edelgard Erbeldinger set the course for our success. With a lot of willpower, dedication and expertise, they made our originally mixed business what it is today. Founded in 1935, they increasingly switched over to bottled wines over the years. As a result of the successes and the positive responses of our customers, we developed into a more dedicated winery over the years.
We’re proud that we are still able to rely on Sebastian Senior’s 68 years of professional experience. With his grounded and highly admired honest character, he enjoys advising wine customers in our vinothek. Furthermore, he is still responsible for caring for the vineyards with his tireless efforts. Edelgard Erbeldinger is equally ingrained in the winery and, as our warm heart, she gives us stability and cohesion.


Today, the winery is still a traditional family-run business that is characterized by its wide range and variety of excellent wines. We cultivate 20 hectares of vineyards, most of which are laid out around our property. Thanks to the dedication of each of our team members, their passion for wine and fun at work, we are able to defy all of the challenges a wine year brings.

Winemaking is a craft passing on from generation to generation.
Values and traditions are the shared passion for our job and the family values we treasure, they are a generation always looking to the future.
Believe that probably the most important value they live by as a business is staying true to their roots and not be swayed by trends.

It seems that shared family values extend not only across the Hunter Valley, but the world.