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The wines of Livio and Lorenzo Sassetti, of the Pertimali Company, are considered among the largest in Montalcino.
The excellence in the productions of Brunello and Rosso is the result of the absolute dedication of the Sassetti family, for its land and its fruits and the good location of its vineyards, on Montosoli hill, north of Montalcino with south-east exposure, area partucularly suitable for the production of wines with extreme complexity and elegance, thanks to a terroir whose pedological characteristics allow the perfect balance between the wealth and the power typical of the southern area of Montalcino and the finesse of the north.

Montalcino and its territory

The Montalcino area is famous for the quality of its wine.
The vineyards around the village of Montalcino have always produced red wine, from which the well-known Brunello is born, obtainable only in this world zone.

The territory of Montalcino extends for about 24.000 ettari And we can say, without doubts, that has unique features: The Montalcino hill, having been formed in different geological eras, has extremely changing soil characteristics for constitution and structure, so it is difficult to make generalizations of a certain magnitude. The lower zones are made up of land originated to debris transport with a deep active layer, of the quaternary, quite loose. At the top, the soil is enriched with skeleton, while the active layer is reduced as the soil formed by the decomposition of original rocks, especially galestro and alberese. The soils are clayey, rich in limestone, fragmented to broad tufaceous areas, tendentially lean.

All these features are fundamental to creating the wines of Montalcino, famous in Italy and in the World.

Red Wines

The signature of the company Sassetti Livio Pertimali, our red wine boasts to be produced in the Montalcino area, one of the most famous and important for the quality of wine in the world.
We are very proud of the ultimate result that stands out for quality and flavor.

Sparkling Wines

Products in our company Colle Argento in Valdobbiadene, a famous area for its prosecco.
Our company works on site to ensure exceptional quality for our sparkling wines, which we consider a goal to be very proud of.